It is possible to rent a car in Bali, either right in Denpasar when you arrive by plane or also in Lovina. The regular prices for a rental car without a chauffeur is between 20.- and 40 Euros per day. Excluding any insurance and the petrol (7.000 rupee per liter). It is possible to refuel everywhere – even the small gas station where the petrol is filled in bottles are safe to use.

It is necessary to contract insurance. You will also need an international driving license. In case of an accident it can be complicated in Bali if you have been driving and you might get into trouble.

In Bali we have left traffic. Around the capital Denpasar the roads can be clogged, where up north the traffic is not as bad. Most Balinese use their motorcycles to commute.

Therefore we recommend you take a chauffeur for all your activities. The cost for a whole day is not as high as you might expect: with 700.000 rupee (around 47.- Euros) it is not a big difference to rent your own car. The same chauffeurs which pick you up at the airport are also available for daily trips around the island.

For shorter tripps we do have motorcycles for rent at our place for 50.000 rupee per day. They are perfect to discover nearby places. Helmets are obligatory to wear in Bali – they are of corse included in the rental fee for the motorcycles.

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