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You will not starve in Bali – on the contrary

There is nothing better than treating yourself with the best food you can get on your holiday!

Everyone will find something – does not matter if you prefer the local food, the Japanese, Chinese, Thai or Indonesian kitchen. And the price level is not comparable to ones we are used to in Europe.

There are many restaurants and Warungs (small Indonesian restaurant, often family-owned) nearby and some of them are even right at the beach. It takes takes you only up 15 minutes to walk to many of them.

If you like to visit one of the restaurants ask Made to make a reservation for you. Some of them offer you even a free of charge shuttle service there and back home again. Small restaurants and Warungs are not able to provide such a service due to their lower prices. But often their employees are happy to bring you back to the villa by motorcycle for a tip. It is harmless to use this kind of service.

An other possibility is to order from a menu right on the property. Made will order for you in a Warung and serve it to you in front of your room. You will feel like in a restaurant but you do not have to leave for one.

Made also likes to cook in our kitchen local food for you. If different guests wish for such a meal a lovely evening can be planed which are always entertaining and highly enjoyable. Beside their regional specialities Made has also learned with enthusiasm to cook the Thai Green Curry

A real highlight to order is the Balinese’s favorite meal: BABI GULING

A whole pig is stuffed with all sorts of spices and is grilled on a skewer between six and eight hours. It is served with a variety of side dishes. Please understand that this feast takes several guests to take part of. We like to inform you about the details.


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