Culture and religion


Bali is the only country beside India with an Hindu majority. Moste Balinese people are dedicated to the Hindu-Dharma-Religion, a Balinese form of Hinduism. This religion found it’s way into the Balinese culture in the 8th till the 9th century. Religious rituals and celebrations accompany the humans from their birth till death and even there after. They are the basic for the living together in family and villages. The rituals are the guideline for a the hole nation. All holidays, celebrations and gatherings are always started by a ceremony in one of the many temples.

Bali is also known as “The Island of the thousand Temples”. Each Banjar (village district) has its own thre different Puras (temples): The Pura Puseh (“Temple of Origin”), the Pura Desa (“Temple for Council”) and the Pura Dalem (“Death Temple”). In some villages the Pura Puseh an d the Pura Desa can be united in one complex. Mostly the temples are arranged are extensive even in isolated areas. Additionally to the tree main temples each haus has its own temple and on important points like road crossings, village entrance or some trees there are small temples or at least offertory box which can even be a simple rock.

In Bali the native languages are Balinesian or Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesian). Also English is popular especially in touristy spots. Due to the where the most tourists are coming from in certain areas you find also a lot of Dutch (Sanur), Japanese (Ubud) or occasionally German, Russian, Italian or French speaking people. In privat schools they often also teach Mandarin beneath the other languages named above.

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