All year round Bali is worth a visit. The rainy season is from November till March. But it will not rain the hole time like it might in Europe on a rainy day. Beside the rain you have nearly every day some sunshine. Moste likely you have just a clouded sky during this time of the year which makes your trips actually more comfortable. Rainfall is not evenly spread in the hole country. The north often is protected by the mountains. Dry season is therefore from April till October. During this time the beaches in the south are often crowded. Up north where Lovina bathing holidays is even during rainy season more than possible. continuous rain for days is not very likely. If you look up the weather on any page try to type in the north or Lovina itself due to the fact we explained above it can vary from the south. The temperature is around 30°C all year round during the day and drops to approximately 22°C during the night.

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