A day at the beach

The beach at Lovina is rather dark. It has fine sand with no stones. But due to the fact that the beach is open to the public and there is no Luxury Hotel right at the beach, not all rubbish is removed. Additionally a lot is brought in from the ocean. When you like to take a walk at the beach always wear some kind of shoes.

If you like to spend the day at the beach we recommend you to visit the Restaurant Spyce Club. They Organise the transportation for you for free, they have a clean part at the beach with sun beds and parasols for usage. Just do not bring your own food and drinks but order something from the restaurant. The menus are between 5.- till 8.- Euros which is a fair price. Alcoholic drinks are rather expensive compared to the food but yummy fruit juices are on the cheap side.

In the north-west you find the Taman Sari Resort, where there is a nice beach. You can also combine a day at the beach with other activities such as a visit at the national park with the “Bali Tower”. The sand at this place is lighter and cleaner and absolutely not crowded with tourists. Also the food at this resort is really good.

There are many other possibilities. Made is happy to explain you all different spots.

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